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Ask For Permission Before You Cum

Dee Lusion

34:0768 PhotosApr 26, 2024

Dee Lusion is a dark hair all natural cutie with a nice big booty. One evening Dee gets a surprised visit by Will. Dee and her boyfriend have yet to pay back their loan to Will. She explains to Will that she doesn't have the money right now. Making things worse is that her boyfriend has gone apparently missing. Will realizes that he's not going to get his money today so he comes up with an idea to smooth things out until he does. He proposes to Dee that she could persuade him to make the debt become just her boyfriend's problem. Dee tells him that she's willing to do whatever it takes. Will instructs her to go upstairs to the bedroom and put on something sexy for him. Once inside the bedroom Dee immediately submits to Will. He pulls out his big black cock and she gets on her hands and knees to suck it. After pleasing Will with her mouth, she gets on her back and spreads her legs for his big dick. A hand on her throat along with some long strokes makes her pussy creamy wet. Next Will makes her ride him and he slaps her big phat ass as it bounces up and down on his big black dick. Dee was about to cum while Will fucks her on her side but she needs to be a good girl and ask him for permission first. Will says yes and allows Dee to have a huge orgasm. Clearly, her pussy is in love with his big black dick as he fucks her doggy style. She enjoys every stroke as she throws her big ass back on his dick from tip to one evening base before he grabs her by the hips and pounds the shit out of her pussy. Will finally drops his load all over her pussy. The debt officially became her boyfriend's problem.