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Two Bulls Are Better Than One

Kyla Keys

27:38101 PhotosMar 29, 2024

Kyla Keys is a sexy blonde MILF who has a very bubbly personality and a very fit toned body. She loves it when guys take control of her as she's being fucked. Kyla knows that two bulls are better than one. Lucky for her she is taking on not just one but two Black bulls in this challenge. Like the good girl that she is, Kyla does not hesitate and follows her bull's command to suck their two big Black cocks. It doesn't take long for her to get fucked from behind while getting her throat stuffed with a big Black cock. This makes her pussy squirt. Next Kyla gets her pussy double penetrated by her two bulls with their big black cocks. They make sure she takes it good and hard while she has a hand around her throat. She can't help it and squirts again. Kyla then rides one of her Bulls really hard, making her pussy squirt even more. That pussy juice makes it perfect for getting filled to the brim with two BBCs once again. You can tell that's exactly what she needs by the way that her leg shakes. After her two bulls take turns fucking her pussy and mouth, they both give her a creampie.